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What happens if I run out of time during the NCLEX exam?

Willy Maresca

New member
May 22, 2023
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Hey there! 😊 Don't worry, I'm here to help you understand what happens if you run out of time during the NCLEX exam.

In case you run out of time while taking the NCLEX, your exam will be evaluated based on the questions you've answered so far. To pass the exam, you must have answered at least the minimum number of questions (75 for RN and 60 for PN) and demonstrated a sufficient level of competency.

If you've answered enough questions and shown competency, you'll pass the exam even if you didn't complete it. However, if you haven't demonstrated the required competency level, you may not pass.

To avoid running out of time, make sure to practice time management and keep an eye on the clock while taking the exam. Best of luck on your NCLEX journey! 😊
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